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Welcome to JavaDrip. We are a boutique coffee company obsessed with the perfect cup of coffee. We believe that the perfect cup starts with the perfect bean and that those beans require the perfect brewing method. This means that we offer both high quality beans and products to meet any occasion and mood. Have a look around and let us know if you have any questions.

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These resources are available to help you select the perfect coffee bean and preparation method, whatever the occasion or mood. Follow these resources and guidelines to become a coffee expert.

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Picking the right bean

Is it just a cup of coffee or is there more than meets the eye? See what kind of coffee is best for your taste buds.

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What’s up with the slow drip?

Is the slow drip actually making better coffee? Or is it just some hipster thing that doesn’t really matter?

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Grinding beans

There are many ways to grind a coffee bean - is one way better than another? Experts weigh in.

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A proper cuppa

Tea is awesome, but only if its properly brewed and made according to the type of tea it is. Don’t mess it up.